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          All item will come with a Certificate of Guarantee describing the piece, its quality, and its retail value. This certificate is prepared by a professional GIA certified gemologist as an appraisal for insurance purposes.
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          The Pearl Exchange

          Welcome to The Pearl Exchange, the premier online shopping destination for high quality pearls at discount prices. The Pearl Exchange offers top quality pearls and pearl jewelry at HUGE discounts. We are able to offer such low prices because we import our pearls directly from the pearl farms, buying entire harvests at a time! The Pearl Exchange is your shortest route to the source itself!

          Whether you are looking for a dazzling pair of Tahitian pearls, or an everyday pink freshwater pearl necklace, The Pearl Exchange has the Pearl Jewelry you are looking for! We have an extensive collection of pearl necklaces and pearl jewelry, at prices up to 80% off of retail! You can choose from a diverse assortment of pearl jewelry designs in our collection. From our eye-catching pearl and diamond pendants, to our classic cultured pearl necklaces, The Pearl Exchange has what you are looking for!

          The Pearl Exchange’s cultured pearl necklace collection is unsurpassed in its value and variety. We have Tahitian Pearl Jewelry in a huge assortment of shapes, sizes and colors. We have classic cultured Akoya Pearls in lustrous white as well as rare natural colors. We have stunning White and Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces for a wide range of budgets. For something fun and affordable to everyone, a pink pearl Freshwater necklace is a perfect choice.

          While we are in the process of improving our e-commerce, please feel free to shop our storefront, The Pearl Exchange at Amazon, we can promise you that you will be happy with the exceptional quality and value of our pearls!

          The Pearl Exchange's Black White Golden Pearl Necklace
          The Pearl Exchange's pearl earrings PEARL EARRINGS
          High quality pearl earrings in stylish designs.
          The Pearl Exchange's Pearl Pendants PEARL PENDANTS
          Lustrous pearl pendants in fabulous diamond settings.
          The Pearl Exchange's pearl rings PEARL RINGS
          Creative ring styles with very high quality pearls.
          The Pearl Exchange's Pearl Bracelet PEARL BRACELETS
          Always in style for every occasion with our pearl bracelet collection.

          The Pearl Exchange Necklaces

          • Tahitian Pearl Necklaces

          • Akoya Pearl Necklaces

          • White South Sea Pearl Necklaces

          • Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces

          The Pearl Exchange's Pearl Cufflinks PEARL CUFFLINKS
          Simple pearl cufflinks will enhance your feeling of power, energy, elegance.
          The Pearl Exchange's Pearl Chain Necklace CHAIN NECKLACES
          Also known as station necklaces or tin cup necklaces.
          The Pearl Exchange's Fancy Pearl Necklace FUN & FANCY
          One of a kind piece for your pearl collection.